18 Gauge Brad Nail and Cabinet Woodworking Tips

In the world of carpentry, experience and skills are important. The professional learns over time so that mistakes are not repeated, and the final product comes out as desired. One of the main projects that woodworkers focus on most of the time is cabinet making. They should be skilled when it comes to the use of the right nails and screws so that the cabinet is strong and lasts for a longer time.

18-gauge brad nail and its use in carpentry projects

The 18gauge brad nail is widely used in woodwork, and it helps the professional get a standard trim when it comes to making furniture. If you need one trim nailer, this is the right size for you to get. This nail is widely popular in the woodworking and carpentry industry as it is widely used for odd jobs as well. However, one of the key brad nail mistakes that professionals, especially new in the field, forget to invest in the right nail.

You can find good-quality nails from genuine websites. Order them as per the needs of the project and ensure you buy the right size and nail length.

Get all your nails in one straight line

When you are using the brad nail or the pin nailer, you can follow this simple rule to get the nails driven into the wood in a straight line, as some like to refer it to. You most probably will have what you need inside the drawer of your desk.

In order to drive all the brad nails into the material in a straight line, you need to attach a good large paper binding clip to the bottom portion of the nail gun’s magazine. You have the option to position and slide it anywhere to the magazine’s bottom to allow various distances among the nails. This helps it to get sufficient tension to remain in place. At the same time, it does not interfere with nail clips that are loading. The nail can be easily re-positioned or removed quickly.

Choosing the right brad nail for your projects

When you are working on any woodworking project, there is a simple rule for you to follow. The nail should be e times longer than the material’s thickness your fix. For instance, if the thickness of the material is 15mm, the nail should be at least 45 mm long. Here, you should select the brad gun that takes the brad’s length that you need.

Can 18-gauge nails be used in a 16-gauge brad nail gun?

This is a question that most new professionals ask when they use brad nails for their projects. You will find that brad nailers generally use small 18-gauge brad nails that are up to two inches in length. The 16-gauge nail has a bigger head, and most of the guns shoot two and a half-inch nail.

The 18gauge brad nail has a smaller head; however, there are not a lot of guns that shoot the two-inch nail. The larger the head, the bigger is the hole. This gives a stronger hold.

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