Counter Neck Bands & Wrinkles with a Safe Ulthera Skin Tightening Procedure

Ugly wrinkles, neckbands, and sagging skin take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence. No matter how many anti-aging face washes, serums, creams, and treatments you do, nothing seems to erase those stubborn wrinkles on your skin. Most men and women often suffer from depression due to the above. This is certainly serious today in the world of appearances. One needs to look prim and proper all the time, and with neckbands and wrinkles on your face, it is obvious that you will feel low.

Ulthera skin tightening helps you to address all the above issues

Ulthera skin tightening is a unique procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to address neckbands, sagging skin, and wrinkles. It is an FDA approved, a non-invasive procedure popular for both men and women.

Specialists state that besides your face, your neck also displays signs of aging. The skin on the neck is thinner and has lesser oil glands over your other body parts, causing it to lose elasticity and firmness faster. This is why they suggest that you should never ignore the neck when you are looking for effective treatments for the face.

How does the procedure differ from other popular facial treatments?

Most experts in the field combine the above treatment with Botox so that you can get a smoother and youthful experience. Some people go in for regular facial treatments; however, they do not last long enough though they do well. The laugh lines or the crow’s feet might disappear however they have an appearance of a youthful face with an aging neck. This is where ulthera scores higher as you can address both problem areas in just a few sessions with success.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure deploys ultrasound imaging that permits one to view the deep layers of tissue that need to be targeted during the procedure. The treatment ensures that both the neck and the face get an equal amount of energy for natural results. This procedure has unique properties that permit it to bypass the skin’s surface so that it can go into very deep levels that are unmatched by modern non-invasive procedures for cosmetic treatment.

The procedure is generally done in a good clinic, and one session lasts for about 40 minutes or so. The number of sessions needed will depend upon your condition, and your specialist will guide you on that.

Ulthera skin tightening boosts collagen production in the foundation of your skin and triggers the body to create new collagen. It works on the SMAS layer that is a very thin connective tissue located at the bottom of your skin. This tissue is adjacent and located above the fat muscle depending upon its location. The procedure reaches out to the SMAS layer and results in instantly making the skin contract that results in lifting the face, neckline, eyebrows, and jawline. Ultherapy is the solo technology that uses ultrasonic waves to reach the skin’s SMAS layers, which makes it so unique for arresting wrinkles and other signs associated with the aging process.

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