The Ultimate Guide To Best Online Slot Bonuses

Best Online Slot Bonuses to Build your Bankroll

Every player has a bankroll, the size of each players’ bankroll can vary which can ultimately impact their betting strategy. There are several techniques which players use when they want to build their bankroll.

Why Should You Build your Bankroll?

Building your bankroll and generally practising responsible bankroll management is something which all players should be looking to do. A bankroll is one of the most important things in all slot games, proper bankroll management can help ensure that a player leaves the game with a little more than when they first started.

There are a variety of ways in which players can build their bankroll, betting the right amount for your bankroll is one of the main factors. If your bankroll is only £30, there is no point spending £2 a spin as your bankroll will quickly deplete. Due to the fast paced nature of online slot games like Fluffy Too, a bankroll can quickly disappear if you don’t look after it properly.

Best Bonuses for Bankroll

There are a huge variety of bonuses available with online slot games, some can be triggered in game whilst others are offered to players to use in specifici games for a host of different reasons. There are some bonuses which are great to use when you are trying to build your bankroll.

  1. Expanding wilds and respins are some of the most sought after bonuses for building a bankroll. A game such as Starburst is renowned for offering players this kind of bonus, a wild takes up the whole reel and automatically triggers a respin for the player leading to massive wins!
  2. Cascading reels are also incredibly popular with players, this type of bonus can lead to multiple winning combinations with a single spin. Essentially, new symbols will fall onto the reels with this bonus. Sometimes players will even trigger a multiplier with this bonus!
  3. Expanding reels are similar to cascading reels except they expand! Players can get some huge wins when this bonus is triggered at the correct time. Many players believe that this bonus becomes even more lucrative when it is triggered alongside another bonus.

Other Useful Tips

Whilst triggering a bonus is a good way for players to build up a decent bankroll. There are a few other ways in which they can manage, maintain and build a bankroll.

  • Use free spins effectively. Free spins will let the player use the reels for free, some slots even let players trigger a free spins bonus whilst they are using a free spins bonus, leading to a massive amount of free spins.
  • Quit while you’re ahead. Building a massive amount of winnings in a slot game is one thing but making sure to cash out before you lose them is another, try not to press your luck and quit before things get out of hand.

Final Thoughts

Although building your bankroll requires careful thought and patience, it is certainly possible. There are a variety of ways players can do this, from betting small to entering jackpots which they are more likely to win.

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