Top 4 Dog kennels in Dubai

No place could make you feel more at home than a room full of cute furry creatures. With an increasing number of regular homes and luxury villas for sale in Dubai, the number of pets has also been perpetually rising. That is because in Dubai a lot of people are pet lovers and people have either from their home countries or from the shelters in Dubai.  Since annual trips to their home countries or vacations are very popular among the netizens of Dubai, there comes a strong need for a place where expatriates can leave their animals until their return. Therefore, nowadays, a number of great dog kennels are being opened up for business. This not only ensures safety but provides the dogs with a healthy and happy atmosphere to enjoy, so they too can enjoy some time away from their pet-owners.

Before we dive into the list of some of the best dog kennels in Dubai, we want you to take some time and look for certain things before leaving your dogs at mercy of these kennels.

  • Before deciding to leave your dog in the care of some unknown people, you should first visit the kennel yourself and talk to the staff members. You ought to make sure that the kennel of your choice is clean and well maintained so your dogs do not fall ill.
  • Make sure your desired kennel is also equipped with a yard as dogs especially the big dogs love to have some room to stretch themselves and roam around. Furthermore, the busy streets of Dubai streets are not exactly the ideal place for dogs to have morning walks.
  • If you have a pet with certain dietary restrictions, make sure you inform the kennels and make sure they understand the condition of your dog.

Based on the important tips mentioned above, here comes the list of dog kennels every pet-owner in Dubai should consider

Dubai Kennels and Cattery (DKC)

Since DKC has been in the business for nearly three decades, they know how to create a dog-friendly atmosphere that could instantly make your dog fall in love with. The DKC started as a small business and with sheer determination and love for pets DKC successfully expanded its business in no time. Today it takes pride in providing numerous facilities for your dogs including, a yard for exercise, lounges with sofas and couches so dogs can socialize with each other, and a special kennattery so cats can also befriend dogs!

Homely Petz

Homely Petz was first established in 2007 by a British expatriate living in Dubai, with time this kennel got so so famous that now it successfully provide an alternative pet boarding which offers a variety of in-home services so pet owners can also keep the pets at their homes while they go out having a vacation.

The services provided by Homely Petz include walking your pet, patting your pet, and occasional dog training. For animals with special needs, Homely Petz offers special attention to deal with their erratic behaviour. Homely Petz also has an extensive database to register every pet sitter who you feel like hiring.

Pet Palace

Just as the name suggests this kennel ensures a luxurious setting for your pet. Now, luxury does not mean that your pet has to be super sophisticated to be eligible for this kennel Pet palace keeps the comfort and enjoyment of your pet at the top of everything. Here, dogs are kept in a comfortable and spacious area where they have super cosy beds and a spot for exercise. There are also plush green areas that are properly maintained and cleaned now and then, so your pets can play as much as their hearts desire without ever getting sick or bored.

Paws Pet Planet

This kennel is primarily famous for dog grooming and amazing daycare services. It has also started to offer overnight boarding to its customers. However, dogs for boarding are mandated to pass certain assessment tests to make sure they can cope up with the system ruling Paws Pet Planet. Here, dogs are kept in daycare and they are also kenneled during the nights

Since Dubai is not only a paradise for you but also your pets, you should consider getting one of the City Walk apartments for sale or any place that suits your wallet and preference.