What Should You Expect from a iLASIK Surgery

When it comes to eye care treatments, there are several procedures available today. Individuals should regularly get a comprehensive eye examination done in order to assess the condition of their eyes. The same holds true for kids as well. When it comes to the correction of vision problems, most ophthalmologists prescribe glasses; however, other advanced and sophisticated eye care treatments are gradually becoming popular and are in high demand primarily because of their success rates.

Discover the innovative iLASIK treatment

iLASIK is one such advanced and popular eye surgical treatment that promotes clear vision in patients. It is an innovative procedure that helps the doctor to evaluate the following-

  1. Stability of the prescription you have.
  2. The size of the eye pupil.
  3. The health, shape, and thickness of the cornea.
  4. The tear layer.
  5. Present health conditions and their severity.

When you visit the doctor, your past medical history will be evaluated as well. Make sure that you bring along with your all your medical reports and the list of allergies and medications. Prior to the surgery, you might be asked to discontinue current medications.

You will also be asked to stop wearing contact lenses for about two to three weeks before the surgical procedure. For getting the correct measurement of your eye, doctors will ask you to stop wearing them before the examination and the treatment.

What should you expect?

The treatment involves certain stages, and the whole process takes about 20 minutes or so. When you arrive at the eye clinic, your doctor will give you medication for relaxation. You will be given eye drops that will make your eyes numb so that it is comfortable for the whole procedure. After some time, you actually feel a little pressure on your eyes; however, this feeling with subsiding in less than 60 seconds or so.


Once the procedure is over, you will find a little bit of pain and discomfort that lasts for three days or so. Some individuals feel that they have an eyelash inside their eyes. The cornea takes time to heal, and so in the process, you might experience the sensation of watery eyes, sensitivity to the light, an itch in the eye, or mild to acute dryness. You should not worry about the above symptoms as they tend to subside with the passage of time.

You will be instructed to wear protective shields over your eyes. This will prevent glare and reduce discomfort to some extent. To accelerate the recovery rates, you must keep your eyes clean and allow your eyes to heal for at least three months or even longer to get the best results.

When it comes to iLASIK, note that you must have realistic expectations. At the same time, you should be prepared to face mild discomfort, eye glare, and light sensitivity. You should also note that this procedure will not stop aging. You might be asked to wear reading glasses for some activities depending upon your eye health.

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